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The owner of Carol Weis Photography can take headshots of you and your entire staff

A skilled business photographer can create the headshots you need for all your marketing materials. Carol Weis Photography has extensive experience working with lawyers, models and real estate agents. Our photographer gladly works with anyone else in the Levittown, PA area who can benefit from professional headshots.

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First impressions matter, especially online

But you can communicate effectively with personal branding photography in Shreveport, LA

Headshots are ideal for...

  • Websites
  • Modeling portfolios
  • Social media and online business profiles

Don't settle for a selfie - hire a business photographer to take your picture.

Interested in building a modeling portfolio? Our professional headshot photographer can take pictures at her studio in Levittown, PA or on location. She'll give you ample time to change into the outfits you've brought and can even recommend poses that convey your personality.

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